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Sabtu, 23 Februari 2008

Beijing Best nightlife KTV, clubs, and bars

Beijing favourite Best KTV in TOWN - Underground KTV

1. deluxe ktvs - these are normally located downtown in wangfujin or guomao areas. there are also a number in 5 star hotels. examples are 天上人间,翠宫夜总会, 阳光俱乐部, etc. you typically spend 3-5krmb a night, good for entertaining key customers.

2. superior ktvs - these are ktvs with reasonable prices, about 1-2krmb per night. ktvs in this category are: 天伦王朝,五洲风情, 红馆, etc. this is a good place to bring customers or cheong with friends.

3. private clubs - these are exclusive clubs with gong an backings. you can do many things here, strip, exotic shows, some even allow HJ, BBBJ or FJ in the ktv rooms. they are normally not listed as illegal activities are going on there.

4. budget ktvs - these are cheap ktvs that you can go alone. if you feel boring and can't find a partner to cheong with when you are in beijing, then you can try this. you can spend less than 1krmb for a night.

5. super cheap ktvs - these are super cheap ktvs located at small lanes or outside 5th ring of beijing. they are very safe as normally the people going there are government officials and gong ans.

6. sucker ktvs - these are black shops (黑店). they will lure you in with cheap rates, but when you see the bill you will jump. they are run by hooligans. if you get into one of these shops, find ways to get out peacefully without burning your pocket.

7. Cashbox Party World
Cashbox Party World is one of the most popular 24-hour KTV in Beijing. They offer free buffet for their customers, including breakfast, lunch, supper, afternoon and midnight snacks.
﹡Hours: 24 hours-a-day
﹡Price: Y39-365/hour/room.
①Chao Wai:
1st and 2nd floor, Prime Tower (Fanli Dasha), 22 Chaowai Dajie.
Tel: 6588-3333
②Shou Ti:
Teng Da Plaza, 168 Xiwai Dajie.
Tel: 8857-6588

8. Melody KTV
Description: Each of its three shops has more than 100 KTV rooms.
﹡Hours: 8am-2am.
﹡Price: Y27-230/hour/room. A free drink before 8pm.
①Yue Tan shop:
Yue Tan Plaza, 2 Yue Tan Beijie
Tel: 6808-5888
②Zhong Guan Cun:
24 Zhong Guan Cun Nan Dajie (opposite Central University For Nationalities)
Tel: 6218-9088
③Chao Wai:
B77, Chao Wai Dajie
Tel: 6551-0808

9. K100 KTV
Description: 138 rooms.
﹡Hours: 24-hour KTV.
﹡Price: Y10-380/hour/room.
﹡Add:B1, Yu Tai Bowling Center, 6 Gongti(Work‘s Stadium) Xilu
﹡Tel: 6553-8888/6553-3333

10. Magic Box KTV
Description: An 88-room KTV at the most busy place in Beijing.
﹡Price: Y23-164/hour/room. Free midnight snacks.
﹡Add: 55 Dong An Men Dajie, Dongcheng District.
﹡Tel: 6559-8888

11. Star Box KTV
Description: A 24-hour shop that has 100 KTV rooms and offers 24-hour free buffet.
﹡Hours: 24-hours-a-day
﹡Price: Y20-150/hour/room.
﹡Add: 1st floor of Zhen Ren Plaza, Beijing New World Center, 9 Chong Wai Dajie, Chongwen District.
﹡Tel: 6708-8899

12.Party Life KTV
24-hour shops with 24-hour free buffet and drinks. Y10-265/hour/room.
①Chongwei shop: Zhenren Plaza, New World Center, Chongwenmen
②Zhong Guan Cun shop: 32 Zhong Guan Cun Nan Dajie, Haidian District.
Hotline for 2 shops: 6708-6666

Beijing Nightlife Bar Photos

Beijing Bar

Beijing Bar

Beijing Bar

Beijing Bar

Beijing Bar

Beijing bar

Watch Beijing Nightlife at Coco Banana Club video here

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