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Jumat, 24 Oktober 2008

Chengdu best disco nightclub bars ktv clubs nightlife

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, located in southwest People's Republic of China. Chengdu is an old city with a history of over 2,000 years. In contrast to most of China's other urban landscape, and despite the fast redevelopment, Chengdu has seccessfully preserved the atmosphere how one might imagine China have once been sometime in the past.

Chengdu nighlife tourist attractions and places to go at night :

1. Face Change in Sichuan Opera - Music Drama
2. Qingyang Palace Chuan Opera & Snack - Shufengyayun Sichuan Opera & Snack & Tea
3. Shufengyayun Sichuan Opera & Snack & Tea - Shufengyayun Sichuan Opera & Tea
4. Shunxin Old Teahouse Sichuan Opera & Tea - Shunxin Old Teahouse Snack & Sichuan Opera & Tea
5. Wuhou Temple Stage & Tea - Wuhou Temple Stage & Tea
6. Zanng&Qiang minority show

Chengdu best bars, KTV, disco, club house :
1. Allen Tale Club - Crane Sing Tea House
2. Fisherman Port City - Juxian House
3. Mei Gao Mei International Club - Nantianyue Hotel Tea House
4. Old Chengdu Tea House - Red Age Bar
5. Seven Bowls Tea House - Taxi Tea House
6. Tongjin Tea House - Xinlei Club

Chengdu best nightclubs in town are listed :
1. Versailles Palace
Address: 11 4 Segment S. Renmin Rd., Chengdu
Tel: 028-5220419
Luxurious decor of classical European manner, the great collection of songs from all over the world is also very attractive to customers.

2. 21 Club
Address: 34 Xinhong Rd., Chengdu
Tel: 028-4335519
The club has stimulating music, disco, restaurant, teahouse and sauna center. Open till 6 a.m.

3. One-way Road Club
Address: 2nd Segment Mid Renmin Rd., Qinggong Mansion, Chengdu
Tel: 028-7650545
It's a large club, can accommodate more than 200 people, concerts of European rock, gifts and lucky draw for gusts every night.

4. Honeycomb Club
Address: Minzu (Nation) Restaurant, Yang Xi Xian, Chengdu
Tel: 028-7764485
This club had a high reputation for its Japanese-style bar and European-style boxes. Celebrated bands and appreciated for its perfect sound effects.

5. Y2K Club
Address: 85 Daci Si Rd., Chengdu
Tel: 028-6675108
This is one of the few clubs that offers performances in Thai style in the city. The quiet and romantic café here is another great attraction to tourists.

6. Moon River Nightclub
Address: 65 N. 1st Segment, 1st Ring Rd., Chengdu
Tel: 028-7674366
Set with advanced facilities and impressive illuminations, an ideal place for parties and get-togethers. Fresh fruits and a birthday cake is offered free of charge if arranged for a birthday party.

Chengdu Photos :

Chengdu Bar

Chengdu City

Watch Chengdu Bar and Nightclub Video at 88 Bar here

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